Josh Clare Paints the Winter Landscape DVD

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What you’ll learn

  • Materials used
  • Importance of studies
  • Secrets to becoming an award winning artist
  • The color of snow
  • Warm and cool temperature changes
  • What to put in and what to leave out
  • What makes for a good composition
  • What to know when painting from photographs
  • Discussion on relationship and what makes painting beautiful

4.5 hours of invaluable information by one of American’s top artists.   Josh spends two days painting two different snow scenes that will captivate you.

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Available as a DVD and Download/

If you’ve wanted to learn how to paint snow then this video is for you.  Josh Clare is a master at the landscape and particularly snow scenes.   Follow along in the 4.5 hour 2 paintings video complete with 45 minutes discussion with Josh on relationships and what makes paintings beautiful.

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4 reviews for Josh Clare Paints the Winter Landscape DVD

  1. D.Lee

    Anyone who knows Josh Clare’s work knows his snow scenes are above and beyond. Finally we get to see him create the magic. It’s full of great information, the shots are clear and close up, fantastic videos.

  2. marney morris

    wonderful video. have rewatched it several times.(yeh, really, have never done that before : )) there is a lot of value here. appreciate his structure, his philosophical tips (reading from a harvey dunn book was lovely) and his generous sharing of knowledge. the video set up is great with 3 screens at once: pallet, source and josh painting. really allows for a lot of learning. he is a great painter and a great teacher. recommend highly.

  3. Beth Haywood

    This video was terrific. It was full of useful information. The views of the painting and pallet were clear as was the audio. Aside from the excellent tips and information, I very much enjoyed Josh’s friendly and funny personality. Two thumbs up!

  4. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much Beth. We are glad you liked it.

  5. Elizabeth

    Thank you Marney. We are so glad you liked it.

  6. Tim Giles

    Josh has a clear approach that is founded in the knowledge of past master’s. You can’t go wrong in following his advice.

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