Painting the Impressionist Street Scene with Michele Usibelli DVD


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2 hour  Instructional DVD on how to paint Impressionism with Michele Usibelli.  Learn how Michele sees the world as pixels of color.  You will learn the importance of value studies as well as perspective and vanishing points.  Michele also discusses how to get into galleries, price your work, how to create depth in your paintings, and she shares the secret to being a successful artist. 

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2 hour Instructional DVD


In this video you will learn how to paint this street scene in an impressionist method.  Michele walks you through her materials and paints step by step the entire painting. 

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5 reviews for Painting the Impressionist Street Scene with Michele Usibelli DVD

  1. Terri Melgar

    This is an interesting video that offers great information on cityscapes! Fresh palette, and new interpretations of the scene. Easy to learn from Michele, took her time and explained what her decisions were based on. Very exciting paint applications as well.

  2. Karen Weaver

    Just what I’ve been looking for on creating an impressionist painting. Michele explains the process from planning through completion with many great tips along the way. I appreciate seeing the entire painting process with no fast-forwarding. You can always expect the highest quality DVD from Bella Muse Productions. Can’t wait to start painting!

  3. Gaye Sekula (verified owner)

    Michelle’s DVD was one of the most informative DVDs I have ever purchased, and I have A LOT of them! I highly recommend it for her wonderful teaching style, generous sharing and tremendous knowledge. I could hardly wait to get to my studio after watching! Thank you for such a wonderful and inspirational DVD!

  4. D. Stumpf (verified owner)

    Great video! Michele demonstrates how to “simplify” complicated scenes. Nicely done. Good, clear explanations and easy to follow along. The source photo is always beside the painting, making it easy to understand what the artist “sees”; what to put in the painting and what to eliminate, as well as color choices. Great close-up camera angle, it’s as if I am looking over her shoulder the entire time. Nothing lost in filming. Color palette always on screen showing color mixing. Michele gives helpful tips and advice throughout the video. I like how she presents the information in a calm and professional manner. Nice close-up views of her painterly brushstroke application, and I enjoyed watching how she handles figures in this scene. Very painterly and loose. By the end of the video I felt like walking right into those streets of Barcelona. Highly recommended.

  5. Elizabeth

    Thanks so much! Glad you liked it

  6. Nelda Ream-Jinkerson (verified owner)

    How fortunate for us that Michele is willing to share tips and techniques that took her many years to develop. I saw improvement in my painting immediately after putting some of her ideas to work. Her teaching style is clear and interesting. Having a split screen in the DVD showing both the reference photo and the palette as she worked was very helpful. I have watched the lesson several times and have learned something each time. This is an excellent, high value DVD from Bella Muse Productions.

  7. Elizabeth

    Thank you Nelda, Glad you found it inspirational!

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