Paintings Lilacs and Lemons DVD

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2 hour  Instructional DVD on how to paint lilacs, lemons, wicker and much more.   Follow along with Elizabeth as she walks you through her entire painting process from materials used to the finished painting.   This is the physical DVD.   Click here for the download version

“Springtime” also won third place at the American Impressionist Society Annual Exhibit

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2 hour Instructional DVD


In this video you will learn how to paint beautiful Lilacs and Lemons with Elizabeth Robbins.  Elizabeth is a master at florals and her easy approach to painting will inspire you to create your own beautiful paintings.  Elizabeth starts with showing all her materials that she uses in her paintings then takes you through step by step from the beginning drawing to the finished painting.  

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I’ve known Elizabeth for some ten years and began painting with her at this time. I was a little bit more than beginner, hungry for information. I had had other art instruction but left with more confusion which was so frustrating. Elizabeth is a unique teacher because her interventions are first to show you a whole picture and then break it into bit size pieces. On your own canvas she is able to zero in on showing you the big picture and then follow it with specific guidance for individual students. Her instruction for all is easy to understand, sensitive, and moving you forward. The time I have invested with her has helped me tremendously in my understand of color and technique. She makes it fun to learn when you are struggling to grasp the concepts!

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1 review for Paintings Lilacs and Lemons DVD

  1. Becky Faber

    Elizabeth takes us on a painting road trip! This masterfully taught, complementary colored work sings to me. It has rhythms and harmonies throughout.
    Taking us through a painting from a materials lesson, a white canvas, many lessons of color theory … through to a wonderful finished work of art!!
    A fun part for me was finding out that she uses more than one brush to keep the white/light colors from muddying the darks.
    A perfect learning tool to have in your painting cache.

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