Secrets to Luminous Watercolors with Cindy Baron DVD


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Award winning Cindy Baron walks you through her entire watercolor process in this over 4 hour watercolor painting tutorial.

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Cindy Baron is an award winning artist in both watercolor and oils.   This over 4 hour tutorial walks you step by step her watercolor process that has made her so popular.

What you will learn…

  1. Materials used by Cindy
  2. Composition
  3. The best masking fluid and how to use it
  4. How to start very abstract
  5. How to create depth and atmosphere
  6. How to create glow and luminosity in your watercolors

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2 reviews for Secrets to Luminous Watercolors with Cindy Baron DVD

  1. Greg Mintz

    I loved this video and Cindy Baron’s presentation. Her techniques of using masking fluid and beginning the painting by splattering vibrant colors with a brush were a real eye opener to me. Her insights on design and use of color were fabulous. She went into great detail on using qouache in the painting and just watching the delicacy of her brush strokes with it was inspiring. I recommend it to all and hope to see more videos by her.

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks Greg!

  3. Ruth Camber (verified owner)

    Cindy Baron’s watercolor DVD is this 2 DVdD 4 hour demo this amazing artist reveals her techniques and secrets for achieving masterful luminous watercolors. She provides detailed information, instructions, tips and advice for your success throughout the video . Do not miss this inspiring video if you stand in awe of Cindy’s paintings and want to take your watercolors to a higher level. Thank you Cindy Baron and Bella Muse Productions for this exceptional video. Looking forward to more videos from Cindy Baron .

  4. Elizabeth

    Thank you Ruth. Appreciate your review

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