Kevin Courter Painting Luminous Landscapes


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What You Will Learn

  • Complete Materials List
  • Discussion and demonstration on the importance of transparent colors
  • How to create luminosity in your paintings
  • Finding your voice
  • the importance of grays
  • Ideas on framing
  • creating rhythm in your paintings
  • Learning Glazing Techniques

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Kevin’s new video is exceptional in every way.
He is concise and easy to listen to while mixing colors, offering an abundance of information and creating an amazing painting !!!
The production/ editing is perfect, not missing a detail.
Vimeo is tedius to navigate when trying to download on an ipad. BellaMuse responded to my concerns and guided me through it.

What Students are saying....

3 reviews for Kevin Courter Painting Luminous Landscapes

  1. Meredith Frauzel

    This is one of the best instructional videos I’ve ever purchased! It was a game changer for me to have Kevin paint and go through his process step by step. He is a great teacher and I look forward to his next production. Totally worth investing in his video.

  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you Meredith. We are glad you found it helpful.

  3. jaimelchristy

    Not my favorite painting of Kevin’s, but completely worth it. Kevin goes into detail on how he references photos and alters them, his color choices and mixing, his ground choice and why, glazing, how to make colors pop, and so much more. He really takes you through his thought process. I look forward to more videos from one of my favorite modern artists.

  4. Bella Muse

    Glad you liked it! We are scheduled to film another one of Kevin’s tutorials as soon as covid is under control

  5. Lucy Quin

    I bought Kevin Courter and I’m absolutely delighted with my purchase. Kevin is an amazing and generous instructor. Loved the how he explains his process, his tips, the glazing bonus…
    Worth every penny!. My art has improved a lot. Looking forward to see the nocturne video he mentions in the video.

  6. Bella Muse

    Thank you so much. He’s a great teacher!

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