I have spent the last week deciding on my next series. This last summer has been a tough one. I lost my Uncle Les, who was more like my brother than an uncle and someone I adored with all my heart. A few years back, we lost my Uncle Steven. My grandfather died before I was born and my dad was quite a bit older than his younger brothers, so he assumed the role of a father figure and he and my mom helped my grandmother raise the three boys. My dad took it upon himself as a young man, husband and father to take his little brothers camping, teach them how to fly fish, tie flies, hike, camp, ski, four-wheel the country his father had shown him and partake of many other adventures. I was the first girl in the family for many, many years and I had three older brothers (uncles) to look up to. The memories around my childhood all involve these adventures and have truly formed me as an artist as well. Most of these adventures took place on the North slope of the high Uintah Mountains.

I have painted the Uintah’s since falling in love with landscape painting. Some of this series might not be new visual imagery, but I’m hoping it is my best. This is my homage to the Allen boys. It’s my realization of mortality and the story of my life to my children and grandchildren through imagery. I have no idea how long it will take to finish this labor of love. I have no idea where it will hang. I only know I have to do it. I want my dad to enjoy it. I want this to be his story too. I will remember the stories he has told me, all about the geography of the land that he knows and loves, the places he went with his dad, the places he took his brothers and the places he took me and my sisters and brother and our children. I will add my stories to these and maybe a few more from my family members. I realize this is personal and that not everyone wants to hear my stories, but maybe just enjoy the art that comes from my heart.


The pictures below are from my drawing journal. This is how I start a series – brainstorming. I have the name, it actually came first. That doesn’t usually happen, usually the images start first. The skeleton of the entire series starts here and I figure there will be about 20 pieces. I hope you enjoy watching the process!