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Learn how to paint Classical Portraits with Master Painter David Gray.   Follow along with David as he takes you through his entire process that has made his portraits so recognizable and collectible.  During this 6 hour 1080HD NTSC format video he shows you how he starts the painting by drawing very loose shapes and gradually refines the drawing.  Next you can follow along as he paint the “underpainting.”   David shows you how to create skin tones and the importance of warm and cool colors to help turn the form.  You will learn how he then “over-paints” this first layer to create his amazing portraits.  Glazing is the final step that bring his paintings to life.

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David Gray takes you though his entire process in the 6 hour instructional video.  He starts with the drawing then shows you how he does his “underpainting.”   Next he shows you how to paint the overpainting with explanations on creating skin tones.    His final step is glazing which he says brings the painting to life.   It’s amazing to watch David paint his portraits that have become so recognizable.

David’s signature style reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty and order which pays homage to the Classical Tradition in its craftsmanship. Collectors of David’s work often relate that his painting provoke a sense of peace, stillness, or a contemplative mood. His award winning works have been covered by major art publications including Southwest Art, Art of the West, and American Art Collector. David also teaches several workshops per year in portraiture and still life painting  throughout the United States and abroad.

“Whether he is painting still lifes or figures, Gray brings a deep knowledge of and respect for the masters that translates into an elegant minimalism on canvas or panel. His tonalist portraits usually focus solely on the head and shoulders, while his still lifes feature timeless objects such as copper pots and china teacups surrounded by generous doses of negative space.”  –Bonnie Gangelhoff, Southwest Art Magazine


“I’m not simply a “Realist”. I find in my best work, my subjects seem to hover somewhere between the visible natural realm and some place divine…”

–David Gray

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6 reviews for Painting the Classical Portrait with David Gray DVD

  1. Tracey Costescu

    Thanks so much David for creating such a great instructional DVD, it was so worth the wait! I love how you go through ALL of the steps and do not skip forward as many videos do so every step is captured. The screen shot of the palette and the reference image while you paint is so helpful as you show how each mixture evolves and has it’s place on the painting. I have watched this several times already and learn something new with each viewing! Excellent dvd!

  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much Tracey. We are so glad you were inspired by David’s DVD.

  3. Michael Martonick (verified owner)

    This is best DVD I own on painting the portrait. Has a excellent explanation of his steps and the reasons he has a particular approach. I have taken workshops from him and this summation of his process.

  4. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much Michael.

  5. Flora Savvalidou

    This dvd is what i expected it to be. Detailed (David explains everything), accessible for a beginner like myself, demystifying in order to calm down any thoughts of ‘too difficult for me to achieve’. The image is crystal clear and it is obvious that an effort has been made for the viewer to see every aspect of the process. Last but not least the help i received having difficulties viewing the downloadable version. Elizabeth was very helpful until the issue has been resolved completely. Really satisfied for purchasing this product.

  6. ceisenberg88

    This David Gray DVD is crystal clear and well organized. David is very specific in the information he conveys, as he describes and demonstrates his approach to classical oil painting. It is tremendously useful to hear him voice the considerations he’s having, as he makes his way through the painting process. This is a very valuable resource to own. I highly recommend it. I am taking my painting to the next level by applying what I have learned in this DVD.

  7. Elizabeth

    Thank you!

  8. Julia (verified owner)

    Let me preface this review by saying that I have been painting most of
    my life, for 50 plus years, and am a professional artist.

    This video series was very clearly filmed and presented. But I would
    say definitely NOT for the beginner, but rather, for an intermediate
    level painter.

    I bought the video because, despite my years of experience as well as college art courses where I got straight A’s, I
    was looking for some basic “how to’s”, in particular,exactly WHAT
    COLORS to use to mix flesh tones. I wanted to paint at the level of realism as David does,(or did at the time of this video). College art favored abstract impressionism, and a “laissez faire” attitude when actually learning HOW to mix color-kind
    of like trying to bake a cake for the first time without a recipe or building a house without a plan. Basically, my work SUCKED, LOL! I
    wanted to improve my technique to reach David’s level of mastery.
    David gives an exact list in the beginning of his series of what colors to buy, and which brushes, and this was IMMENSELY helpful. Just using the right brushes has made a big difference in my work (LOVE Robert Simmons “Sapphire” and Rosemary and co “Eclipse”).

    But here’s where that nice clear “how to” ends. To figure out exactly what colors David was using when, I had to wrestle the information by stopping the video several times, and go back to his original presentation at the beginning of where he put what color on his palette and tells you exactly what he mixed , and take copious notes. I then made my own flesh tone color chart and hair color chart based on those notes, which I still refer to.

    IMHO, there is too much academia-speak, and not enough “how to” for a
    beginner-but I give the video 4 stars, because it was helpful. I do recommend this video for an intermediate or anyone who wants to improve their technique in rendering high realism, because one can learn a lot by watching how
    David paints.

  9. Anna (verified owner)

    This is my bible since I bought it in 2017. I’ve watched this many times and still learning new things everytime I watch it. I’ve bought and watched many more painting tutorials since I bought this but this is the tutorial that I kept coming back over and over and over and everytime.

  10. Bella Muse

    So glad you found it helpful

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