Composing with Simplicity With Shanna Kunz DVD

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2 hour Instructional DVD on Composing the Landscape through Simplicity

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2 hour Instructional DVD with Shanna Kunz.

In this DVD you will learn how to simplify masses that create a pleasing but powerful composition.

2 hours  Oil





2 reviews for Composing with Simplicity With Shanna Kunz DVD

  1. Elizabeth

    My husband and I met you at the CM Russell weekend and purchased your DVD. I promised I would let you know how we liked it. It was GREAT! We are watching it for the second time, as there was so much good information, technique to watch, and beautiful development from the “ground” up on your beautiful painting. We especially liked the fact that the video showed not only the canvas, but also your palette and mixing of colors. You also continued to show your subject photo, which was very helpful to see where you were going and what you were seeing as you painted. If there was any suggestion at all, it would be to talk more about the colors you were pulling from to mix your various applications. That would be helpful to new artists like ourselves. We are so glad we bought the video. Our challenge now is to pop it into our DVD in our studio and try to follow along with you in painting our own rendition.

    Bobbie Hafer

  2. dandkw

    So helpful to see how she achieves her fantastically beautiful paintings. This DVD is an informative learning experience from laying in the composition to the finishing touches. Thank you for making it available to us. Very helpful.

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