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Mitch Baird is a master at painting the desert light.  This over 2 hour DVD is full of great tips on how to paint reflected light on canyon walls.  

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In this 2 hour 25 minute painting tutorial, Mitch Baird explains the beauty of reflected light and how to create that in your paintings.

You will see Mitch start from a blank canvas to his finished masterpieces that have won him so many awards.

He explains color mixing in simple terms and the importance of atmospheric perspective that will give your paintings the depth that is so captivating.  

Watch him paint and explain the  importance of warm and cool colors within the same value ranges.  A must for all painters to learn!

As a representational painter Mitch believes that painting is a celebration of life and the beauty that surrounds us. He is devoted to the traditions of the late 19th century artists who looked to the figure and nature for inspiration regarding light, color, and design. Seeking out this inspiration, Mitch works directly from life to capture the qualities and nuances of natural light and color harmony. He has a strong conviction that great artistic communication depends on good draftsmanship, design and vision. His artistic desire is to “portray a positive visual statement and hope the viewer will experience what I see and in some sense be inspired, uplifted, or moved by my painting, whether it is of a small intimate setting or a grandiose subject.”

Mitch resides in the desert southwest in Mesa, Arizona with his wife Emily and children Siena and Spencer. He is a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America and is also a member of the American Impressionist Society and Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters.

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