What motivates you to paint?

I usually don’t need motivation I usually just need time! I love to get outside and spend time painting. There are so many aspects to being a self-employed artist that keep me away from the easel. I just feel blessed when I “get to paint!”Howard Trailer clips.Still002

How do you balance family life and art?

Susan and I are blessed to both be painters, so our painting time IS our family time!

Who influences your work?

Every artist, past and present has influenced my work in some way. Every time I look at someone else’s painting, I learn a little bit more about the way I like to paint.

What do you want to instill in your students?

First, the confidence that if they keep painting, over time they will begin to develop their skills and learn more about what, why and how they like to paint. Then to be aware of what other great painters are doing.

What would yoHoward Trailer clips.Still010u like the viewers of your video to know?

I hope they get everything that they wanted to learn by watching my DVD. I have studied with some of the best painters around and over the years I have compiled the information that I talk about in the video. I took bits from this one and bits from that one to make sense of all the theories that I have learned and put them together in a way that works for me.

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